Add a touch of metallic glam to your basic terracotta pots with this simple DIY. 


  • Terracotta pots. We found these 8″ pots at our local dollar store.
  • Washi or masking tape
  • Foam poly-brush 
  • Rustoleum American Accents craft & hobby enamel. We used gold metallic (#209633) and silver metallic (#209636). This paint was easy to apply, fast drying and one coat provided sufficient coverage.
  Washi tape, which we always have on hand for craft projects, was 
used to outline the shape of our designs. We used a basic 
geometric theme of stripes, triangles and herringbone.
 A foam poly-brush is easy to use and neat for minimal mess. 
Not recommended for fine details, but perfect for covering larger surfaces.

 Wait about one hour for the paint to dry before gently peeling off the washi tape.
Gold and silver add the perfect metallic pop.
 We are using our new glam pots for our herb garden of mint, basil & rosemary.
(all original images via Lifestyle Bohemia)