Summer cherries add a fun twist to a classic gin and tonic. These are roasted in the oven, muddled in agave nectar and added to our classic cocktail base. (full recipe below)





 ROASTED CHERRY GIN & TONIC (yields 2 servings)


2 cups cherries, sliced in half, pits removed
1/4 cup agave (or any other desired sweetener)
6 ounces gin
1 lime
12 ounces tonic soda


Lay sliced cherries, skin down, on a sheet of parchment paper on baking tray. Set oven at 350 degrees and roast for 12 minutes. Set aside a handful of the roasted cherries for garnish. Divide remaining cherries in 2 glasses. Add half of the agave into each glass and muddle with cherries. Add 3 ounces of gin into each glass. Add desired amount of tonic soda. Squeeze fresh lime into each glass. Top with ice. Cheers!

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